Jason Young

Visiting Lecturer in Astronomy

Recent Publications

Young, J.E. and Eleazer, M. (October 2020). The Hyper-Stable Disc of UGC 8839. MNRAS. doi: 10.1093/mnras/staa3220

Young, J. E., Kuzio de Naray, R., and Wang, S. X. (2020). A Recent Starburst in the Low Surface Brightness Spiral Galaxy UGC628. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 493(1), 55-69.

Recent Honors

Was awarded six nights of observing time in December on the Harlen J. Smith telescope to make observations of four gas-rich, star-poor galaxies. These measurements will allow Jason to determine the formation histories of these galaxies, and why they have turned so little of their gas into stars.

Was awarded time on two telescopes, the VLA (very large array) radio telescope in New Mexico and the Harlen J. Smith telescope at the McDonald Observatory. The time on the VLA was to search for signs of past galaxy/galaxy interaction involving a galaxy named UGC 628. The time at the McDonald Observatory was aimed at mapping out the life history of a gas-rich galaxy called UGC 11820.

Jason Young (Astronomy) was granted four nights of observing time on the Harlen J. Smith telescope at the McDonald Observatory to study a very faint galaxy named UGC5675 in February of 2020, the ideal time to observe this particular galaxy.