Jenica M. Allen

Campus Living Lab Manager, Miller Worley Center for the Environment

Jenica Allen is the Campus Living Lab Manager at the Miller Worley Center for the Environment. Allen is an ecologist with a diverse research background in plant ecology, global change, quantitative methods, and GIS and currently works collaboratively with ecologists, resource economists, computer scientists, and natural resource managers on invasive plant issues. At the Miller Worley Center, she collects and manages environmental monitoring data on campus, provides interdisciplinary curricular support for use of the Campus Living Lab, promotes the discoverability and use of Campus Living Lab resources, and assists students and faculty with environmentally-oriented independent research on campus.

Recent Campus News

Jenica Allen

Tracking invasive species

Jenica Allen, manager of Mount Holyoke’s Campus Living Lab, was given the George Mercer Award from the Ecological Society of America.

A group of students assembled at Project Stream, which is part of the Campus Living Lab

Campus as classroom

As monitoring stations silently record the heartbeat of the Mount Holyoke College campus, students and faculty develop the means to decode the data.

Recent Publications

Beaury, E.. E. Fusco, J.M. Allen, B.A. Bradley (2021) Plant regulatory lists in the U.S. are reactive and inconsistent. Journal of Applied Ecology 58: 1957-1966.

Szewczyk, T.M., M.J. Ducey, V.J. Pasquarella, and J.M. Allen (2021) Extending coverage and thematic resolution of compositional land cover maps in a hierarchical Bayesian framework.  Ecological Applications, e02318. 

Morelli, T.L., C.J. Brown-Lima, J.M. Allen, E.M. Beaury, E.J. Fusco, A. Barker-Plotkin, B.B. Laginhas, B.R. Quirion, B. Griffin, B. McLaughlin, L. Munro, N. Olmstead, J. Richburg, and B.A. Bradley (2021) Translational invasion ecology: bridging research and practice to address one of the greatest threats to biodiversity. Biological Invasions 23: 3323-3335.

Nagy, R.C., E.J. Fusco, J. Balch, J. Finn, A. Manhood, J.M. Allen, and B.A. Bradley.  A synthesis of the effects of cheatgrass invasion on U.S. Great Basin carbon storage. Journal of Applied Ecology 58(2): 327-337.

O'Neill, M.W., B.A. Bradley, and J.M. Allen. (2021) Hotspots of invasive plant abundance are geographically distinct from hotspots of establishment. Biological Invasions, 23, 1249-1261.  

Recent Awards

Was awarded the 2021 George Mercer award from the Ecological Society of America as a co-author on the paper Disentangling the abundance–impact relationship for invasive species in PNAS.