Leah Masci

Academic Web Developer
content strategy, information architecture, Drupal web development

Leah Masci is a web developer, technical trainer and content consultant specializing in academic websites. As a project manager, designer and coordinator of the academic department website redesigns, she coordinates with departments and guides them through the process of showcasing collaborative research, experiential learning, internships, study abroad programs and alumnae success stories.

Masci also works closely with the dean of faculty, the Alumnae Association, the Career Development Center, the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives, the Miller Worley Center for the Environment and the Weissman Center for Leadership.

Prior to working at Mount Holyoke, Masci was a business owner and consultant working in the field of web design for over a decade. She has worked with local companies and nonprofits including the Collaborative for Educational Services and New England Public Radio, and academic websites for various researchers nationally.

In 2007, she started the Western Mass Web Developers/Designers Meet-up, which has become the region’s largest group of web developers, programmers, designers, SEO experts and other technical professionals.  The group serves as both a place to recruit technical talent and as an umbrella group for specialized technical sub-groups. Members are encouraged to develop leadership skills through meetings, presentations and peer-to-peer learning.