Shani Mensing

Design Mentor and Technical Lead

Shani Mensing is the Fimbel Maker & Innovation Lab Coordinator and Technical Specialist and co-founder of iDesign Studios Course. She works to assist the MHC community in academic collaboration with the Makerspace as well as across disciplines. Mensing oversees activities, training, and workshops in the Fimbel Lab as well as maintaining and educating the community on the equipment housed in the Lab. She also supervises and trains Fimbel Lab student staff, on an ongoing basis, to assist in building interest and projects in the Lab.  Book an appointment.

Recent Campus News

The Fimbel Maker & Innovation Lab has facilities open to the community.

Using the Fimbel Lab for holiday centerpieces

The Fimbel Maker & Innovation Lab has facilities open to the community. 

Students in San Juan, Puerto Rico, releasing turtles

Science is everywhere – and for everyone

The pilot year of a STEM camp for girls, a joint offering from Mount Holyoke College and the city of San Juan, brings education and renewed hope.

Latrina Denson (center), associate dean of students, received the Mary Lyon Leadership Award from Heidi Friedman (left), director of human resources, and Acting President and President-elect Sonya Stephens (right).

Celebrating the work of Mount Holyoke staff

Mount Holyoke recognizes the extraordinary efforts of the staff in making the College the extraordinary place it is.

This is a photograph of students Erin Mullin '17 and Yihan Gao '19 tempering chocolate in the lab.

The art and science of chocolate

Valentine-themed Makerspace workshop marries physics and chocolate-making for a bit of educational fun.

Shani Mensing '15 and Safae Alaoui Lahgazi '17 soldering Neopixel LED strips.

Tech-tinkering class: A STEM gateway.

Crash course in programming and electronic design puts the power of production in the hands of community college students.