Susanna Nazarova

Lecturer of Russian; on leave 2021-2022

Susanna Nazarova graduated from Moscow State University with an MA in Linguistics and Translation. While at MGU, she studied Urdu and Hindi and spent time in India researching the verbal systems of these languages. She received her MA degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of California at Davis. Before coming to Mount Holyoke, she taught Russian language and literature at the University of Vermont and Temple University.

She is a co-author (with Evgeny Dengub and Benjamin Rifkin) of Panorama: Intermediate Russian Language and Culture (Georgetown University Press, 2014), a comprehensive Russian-language textbook for 3rd-year students. She is a published literary translator from Russian into English whose translations have appeared in Chtenia: Readings from Russia, a publication of Russian Life magazine.

She has conducted workshops and seminars on language pedagogy in the United States and abroad. She is the author and editor of Uchites! (the Russian language learning supplement of Russian Life) and the co-founder and editor of, an online resource for teachers of Russian.

Her summers are spent at the Middlebury Russian Summer School, where she is a lead instructor for Level 1 students. Her professional interests include using authentic texts in the beginning language classroom and teaching language through art.

Recent Awards

Susanna Nazarova, Evgeny Dengub (Smith College, Russian), and their coauthor, Benjamin Rifkin, were awarded the 2019 AATSEEL Prize for the Best Contribution to Literary Pedagogy for their book, Panorama. Panorama is an innovative textbook engaging the intermediate-level students in a comprehensive approach to the study of Russian, offering a wide array of activities aimed at the advanced-level proficiency in all the four modalities, from the fundamental concepts of grammar to spontaneous speech. (2020)