Timothy Malacarne

Visiting Assistant Professor of Data Science
Social networks, Education, Quantitative methods, Cultural Sociology

Tim Malacarne is interested in the way in which our interpersonal relationships shape our lives and the ways in which network methods can be used to study culture more broadly. He teaches classes on social networks, quantitative methods, and the role of algorithms and statistics in shaping our social world.

His recent work looks at friendship formation between students from different socio-economic groups. His ongoing projects examine the way in which students’ conception of what makes a desirable job affects their educational decisions and how reference networks within country music allow artists to assert their own authenticity and place within a cultural tradition. He is also interested in social interaction as performance and writes about the consequences of multiple, connected audiences in an electronically connected age.

Outside of the classroom, Tim is interested in building community at Mount Holyoke through outdoor activities, film clubs, and bicycle repair.  

Recent Publications

Malacarne, Timothy. 2017. “Rich Friends, Poor Friends: Inter–Socioeconomic Status Friendships in Secondary School.” Socius.