Article I: The Corporation


Section 1: The name of this corporation is the Trustees of Mount Holyoke College. This corporation is hereinafter referred to as the "College."

Articles of Organization and Purposes

Section 2: The articles of organization of the College consist of certain statutes of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and any actions taken from time to time by the College as may be deemed under applicable provisions of Massachusetts law to constitute a part of the articles of organization. The purposes of the College shall be set forth in the articles of organization, as amended from time to time.


Section 3: The principal office of the College shall be in South Hadley, Massachusetts.

Corporate Seal

Section 4: The Trustees may adopt and from time to time alter the seal of the College.

Fiscal Year

Section 5: The fiscal year of the College shall end on June 30 each year.

--Amended and Restated By Vote of the Board of Trustees October 29, 2011