Women Empowering Women: The Kenya Project

August 11-22, 2010

In August 2011, President Lynn Pasquerella led a team (which included physics professor Alexi Arango and her son, Spencer) to Kenya for the fourth year supporting the work of the African Center for Engineering Social Solutions. Her husband, photographer John Kuchle, took all of these images.

"The focus this year was on creating an infrastructure on the ground in Kenya and mobilizing community resources,” Pasquerella said. “The goal of the project is sustainable solutions, so we met with the head of the Kenyan Red Cross, the CEOs of SafariCom and Hewlett Packard Africa, and many other business leaders to talk to them about how they can use their funding for corporate social responsibility to partner with our efforts. Our field work involved visiting centers that are developing solar ovens, a center working with Cycling Out of Poverty (bike designs), piloting a thresher and seeder for communities working on amaranth production, and looking at aquaculture centers."

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President Lynn Pasquerella chronicles her 2010 trip to Kenya to work with the Africa Center for Engineering Social Solutions (ACESS) for the third time.

Our Last Day in Kisumu

Our last day in Kisumu was amazing. The team left at 7 a.m. to set up
the mold press in order to demonstrate it for some local machinists. By
10 o’clock, the press was finished, and we began mixing the clay with


Our Days in the Rural

Two  days doing field work near Lake Victoria. 


Meeting the Minister of Fisheries

Meeting with the Minister of Fisheries, Enlisting Partners, Visiting Kibera and Eating at Carnivore.