Article VI: President of the College

Relation to Trustees

Section 38: The President of the College shall be both the leader of educational policy and the chief executive officer of the College and shall exercise such leadership and supervision of its administrative officers, faculty, agents, and employees as will promote the efficiency of each department and of the College as a whole. The President shall be elected by the Board of Trustees, shall hold office at the pleasure of the Board, and shall be responsible only to the Board. The President shall be a voting member ex officio of all committees of the Board of Trustees and voting member ex officio of the Board of Trustees and of all committees of the Faculty, except the Faculty Conference Committee and the Faculty Appeals Committee elected by the Faculty in accordance with Board policy.

Relation to Faculty

Section 39: The President shall also be the chief executive officer of the faculty. The President shall report to the Faculty pertinent action taken by the Board and shall keep the Board informed of the more important proceedings of Faculty meetings.

Promotions and Appointments

Section 40: The President shall recommend to the Board of Trustees through the Education Committee all promotions and appointments of members of the Faculty, excluding instructors, assistant professors, and other faculty on term appointments; the President shall also recommend all appointments which involve the right of tenure, and the designation of chairs of departments for a specific term of years. Before recommending appointments and reappointments of members of the faculty, the President shall consult with the Faculty Advisory Committee on Appointments, Reappointments, and Promotions.

Authority and Duties

Section 41: The President shall direct the Vice President for Finance and Administration and Treasurer in the preparation of the annual budget, and all diplomas of those receiving degrees from the College shall bear the signature of the President. The President shall have the authority to enter into contracts for the College, and to delegate to all Officers of the College and their designees contracting authority in accordance with their responsibilities and duties. It shall be the President's duty to make a full report to the Trustees at the autumn meeting on the condition of the College during the preceding academic year and to present for their consideration such measures as the President may deem necessary or expedient for its welfare.

--Amended and Restated By Vote of the Board of Trustees October 29, 2011