Foundations of Teacher Leadership and Reflective Practice Institute

The Foundations of Teacher Leadership and Reflective Practice Institute orients educators to the current landscape of teacher leadership, reform, and education policy. Through this institute, educators develop a reflective practice for instructional improvement, collaborative practice, and educational leadership, and create a personal leadership plan. Each class includes unique opportunity for participants to video-conference with teacher leaders and experts across the nation. The three graduate level classes that make up this institute are:

  • Foundations of Teacher Leadership and Global Education Reform (X.EDUC 453): This course is an exploration of the foundational pieces of teacher leadership, including the history and theories of teacher leadership, an examination of education reform in the United States, and a study of teacher leadership and reform from a global perspective. Students will also examine their local district or state to gain a better understanding of their local reform history and past waves of teacher involvement. This course will include several video-conference discussions with nationally recognized teacher leaders working in global education who will share their lessons learned and perspectives in teacher leadership. This is an evening class offered in Fall term.
  • Personal Leadership and Articulation of Practice (X.EDUC 457): Along with our professional growth as educators, we must cultivate our personal leadership potential as well. In this course, we will work collaboratively to achieve two main goals: to further develop as reflective practitioners who can articulate our practice as educators, and to use that reflective practice to explore personal leadership growth and development. Students will explore topics including adult development, professional learning, motivation, and leadership. As a final project, students develop a personal leadership growth plan.  This course will inspire teacher leaders to develop not only professionally, but also personally, as leaders. This is an accelerated 3-week J-Term class offered in January.
  • Policy Fluency: Exploring the Landscape of Current Education Policy (X.EDUC 411): Inequity. Accountability. Standards. Privatization. These are more than just headlines in the news, but they are part of the political nature of the education profession. They are words that impact every one of our students in our classrooms. So how can we as teachers become more fluent in the language of education policy so we can help our students have more of a voice? In this learning experience, teachers will work on building up their "education policy fluency" based on their own school context, learning how to stay up-to-date on current trends and news while working a full-time job teaching. This course aims to help teachers gain an even stronger understanding of the policy world that influences what we do in the classrooms, in both public and private school settings. This is an evening class offered in Spring term.
Each of these classes can be taken separately, and students can elect a credit or non-credit option.
Modules can be personalized for individuals, groups of teachers, districts, states, or associations. All classes are held in dynamic virtual learning environments and can be accessed from the participant's individual device or on our beautiful campus.
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Mount Holyoke College's Professional and Graduate Education division is an approved professional development provider through the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.