Kirsten Helmer

Kirsten Helmer, M.Ed. and currently pursuing her Ed.D. (ABD), is a visiting lecturer at Mount Holyoke College’s Education and Psychology Department. Since Ms. Helmer came to UMass Amherst from Germany in 2006, she has completed her Master’s in Education in the concentration of Bilingual/ESL/Multicultural Education and holds Certificates of Advanced Graduate Studies in Language/Literacy/Culture, Social Justice Education in Teaching for Diversity, and Advanced Feminist Studies, as well as a teaching license for teaching ESL, grades 5-12 in Massachusetts. Through her dissertation research, Ms. Helmer explores the possibilities of queering the curriculum and enacting a queer pedagogy when teaching LGBTQ topics in secondary schools as she bridges social justice/multicultural education to the fields of queer theory/queer pedagogy. Other areas of interest include: teacher education, transformative pedagogies, intergroup dialogue, and whiteness studies. Ms. Helmer has taught courses in Multicultural Education, Children’s Literature, Intergroup Dialogue, Teacher Education, and German.