The Hunger Games: Young Adult Dystopia in Popular Culture


Instructor: Cathryn Mercier

Course Dates:  May 28 – July 2, 2014

Class Meeting Times: TBA

Location: Online

Credits: 2                  

Tuition: $600

Fin de siècle popular culture has embraced the spectacle of young adulthood and tried to understand it through the lens of dystopic fiction. This course will focus on The Hunger Games (first book) to consider how it understands, interrogates, and shapes young adulthood for a contemporary audience. Questions of gender and agency will direct the explorations of this literary text and its film adaptation. The course is designed to develop the skills of careful reading and effective writing essential to success in undergraduate study. Students will write and revise their work frequently and participate in class discussions to practice asking critical questions and framing persuasive arguments.