Summer 2015 Workshops

iDesign Workshop

iDesign Workshops for High School Girls

Dates:  August 24-28, 2015 MHC
Class Meeting Times:
Mon-Fri 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Mount Holyoke Media Lab (Art 211) See Campus Map.
Shani Mensing and Safae Lahgazi Alaoui
$500   (Plus $50 fee for supplies)

Apply Now- Deadline August 14!

(Go to Summer Session 2 and select IDesign from the Noncredit Workshops menu)

Experience the world of design today, where technology is now incorporated into everything-- from projections of butterflies on Grammy performance dresses to "smart" purses that sense when your wallet is missing. In this workshop, you will learn how these high-tech items work and explore the basics of electronics and Arduino microcontroller programming. Combining your own personal design with your new skills in electronics, you will be able to develop and create your own interactive project using low-cost, user-friendly components to produce wearable and interactive technology. This could be a belt with LEDs that respond to sound, art that reacts to ambient light, a music box and much more. By the end of the week, not only will you be able to return home with some cool high-tech gear you developed, you will have a better understanding of combining technology and design to expand your bright future in fields such as the Arts, Engineering, Computer Science, Fashion, Media and more. No previous computer programming skills or design experience is required for this weeklong workshop.

Robotics Workshop for K-12 Teachers              

Course Dates:  Saturdays, Aug 15 and 22
Class Meeting Times:
10:00 am - 4:00 pm   (break for lunch)
Mount Holyoke Media Lab (Art 211) See Campus Map.
Nick Baker
: None – Two Saturday sessions are 12 contact hours
:  One Saturday session (Aug 15) - $200  Both Saturday sessions (Aug 15 and 22)  - $350

Attention teachers! Would you like to create a makerspace in your school but don't know where to start? Join us this summer for a two day workshop on electronics and robotics, where you'll learn the basics of working with Arduino microcontrollers while exploring how these new tools fit with your curriculum and common core standards. The workshop is designed to be highly accessible and affordable, with your budget in mind. You'll come out of the workshop with the knowledge needed to build a simple robot and ideas for inspiring your students to create and innovate.