Credit and Noncredit Courses

Our professional and graduate institutes offer intensive credit and noncredit options. While both options provide you with valuable skills for career advancement and the opportunity to network with other professionals, they are geared towards learners with different goals and needs:

Summary of Differences Between Credit vs Noncredit Options





Working toward personal/professional goals and seeking academic credit for:

  • a graduate degree
  • an Institute “Professional Pathway”*

Taking course for personal edification or professional development

Course Resources

Access course resources (books, articles, links, videos) through the online course site.  Have access to the full complement to all of course tools like online discussion boards, wikis, and other communications and interactive tools.

Will access course resources (books, articles, links, videos) on an online site.  Have limited access to some course tools, like Zoom videoconferencing.

Assignments & Grading

Required to submit all course assignments and will receive instructor feedback and grade. 

Can complete assignments, but will not receive instructor feedback and grade

Upon Completion

  • receive official course transcript with grade
  • transferable credits





Financial Aid

Eligible for a Community Scholars Scholarship



Apply Online as a Nondegree student

Noncredit Course Registration Form

* The Institute programs have a “Professional Pathways” option for students who take at least 12 credits in courses reflecting the core competencies of each Institute.  Culminating in a certificate of competency, these micro degrees allow students acquire the skills to differentiate themselves and advance their career in a particular area of focus.


Please note that after the class begins it is not possible to switch between the noncredit and credit options.  We are happy to discuss which option might be right for you, just contact us to set up an appointment:413-538-3478 or