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Teacher Leadership M.A.T. Program

Mount Holyoke’s M.A.T. in Teacher Leadership graduate program was specifically designed to equip educators with skills that they can customize to fit their passion and immediately put into practice. Our innovative curriculum emphasizes equity and collaboration, and some courses are aligned with the Teacher Leader Model Standards, the Teacher Leadership Competencies, and the National Board Five Core Propositions.

The program typically takes students two years to complete taking three classes (on campus or online) during the summer and one online class each in the spring and fall.

Online classes are conveniently scheduled in the evenings to accommodate your professional life and course content can be tailored to put your learning into practice immediately.

Your course of study culminates in a capstone project inspired by your personal leadership goals and specifically designed for immediate implementation. Students may choose to use their capstone coursework to prepare for National Board Candidacy or to apply for Massachusetts Professional License (for elementary 1-6 or middle school math/science 5-8).

Sample Curriculum Maps


This program helps educators build their school’s capacity for success, support a climate of professional growth and serve in leadership roles at the local, state, or national level. Designed for full-time educators, the program utilizes dynamic, hybrid learning that provides an opportunity for students to attend classroom sessions through synchronous video conference if they can’t attend on campus. There are a number of concentrations that would make your specific course timeline different. Those concentrations include:

  • Digital Innovation and Media for Educators
  • Independent Schools—Novice Teacher
  • Independent Schools—Veteran Teacher
  • Global and Intercultural Education
  • Nonprofit Leadership and Educational Entrepreneurship

Sample Program Timeline

Time Period Credits Format Course(s)
Summer 6 on campus
or online
Fostering a Collaborative Culture (X.EDUC 441)
Coaching, Mentoring, and Facilitating Instructional Improvements
(X.EDUC 467)
Promoting Professional Learning (X.EDUC 456)
Fall 4 online Foundations of Teacher Leadership and Global Education Reform (X.EDUC 453)
January 1 online Personal and Professional Leadership (X.EDUC 457)
Spring 5 online Leadership in Practice for Educators (X.EDUC 468)
Summer 10 on campus
or online
Equity and Social Justice: A Teacher’s Role (X.EDUC 449)
Leading Colleagues Using Research (X.EDUC 413)
Owning Assessment and Data for Student Learning (X.EDUC 458)
Fall 4 online Outreach and Advocacy for Educational Change
(X.EDUC 455)
January 2 online Research Design for Educators (X.EDUC 414)
Spring 4 online Catapult! Capstone Project (X.EDUC 489)

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Independent Schools


Students have the option of customizing their program with one of the following specializations:

The program director works with students interested in a specialization to develop a course of study that meets their unique interests and professional needs. Some students may elect to seek more than one specialization.

Courses and Course Descriptions

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