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The Differentiated Instruction Institute offers courses to help educators build a framework and deepen their skills to support and empower diverse learners. Courses cover strategies to: help learners process, construct, and make sense of ideas; engage learners; monitor progress and make informed instructional decisions; and help all learners succeed. Students work with an advisor to craft the right set of courses based on each students’ needs and goals.

Accessibility & Media Fellowship

Fellowships provide partial tuition remission for students who have the potential to contribute to the state of knowledge and scholarship in the field. Graduate student fellows develop their capacity to become leaders in the field and contribute to Mount Holyoke College’s research, professional engagement, and global initiatives. Fellows work closely with faculty to develop fellowship projects and are encouraged to publish and present on their work.

Preference is given to degree students, but non-degree students may also apply for Fellowships.

Area of Focus: The purpose of this fellowship is to assist in unique projects and research focused on accessibility, differentiated learning, and how media and technology can be used to support a wide range of diverse learners, including those with learning, cognitive, physical or emotional disabilities. The work may include working with a range of stakeholders, including educators, social workers, families, technologists, or other constituents committed to increased accessibility, outreach, involvement and the success of all learners.

Related Courses

  • X.EDUC 441: Fostering a Collaborative Culture for Learning (2 cr) (online)
  • X.ELL 403: Research in Teaching English Language Learners (3 cr) (online)
  • X.ELL 416: Language Assessment and Classroom Practice (2 cr)
  • X.ELL 418: Second Language Acquisition and Classroom Practice (2 cr) (online)
  • X.ELL 421: Linguistics for Teachers (2 cr)
  • X.ELL 42x: Methods in Teaching English to K-12 Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL Methods) (4 cr)
  • X.ELL 451: English Language Development Standards and Assessment Framework (1 cr)
  • X.ELL 463: Teaching English Language Learners: Sheltered English Immersion Endorsement (standalone course) (3 cr) (on-campus)
  • X.MATHED 473: Creating Accessible Mathematics Classrooms (2 cr)
  • X.SPED 416: Interventions for Behavior and Classroom Management
  • X.SPED 416: Interventions for Behavior and Classroom Management (1 cr)
  • X.SPED 421: Assistive Technology for Special Education (1 cr)
  • X.SPED 426: The Inclusive Classroom (2 cr) (limited residency: online with a 5-day campus-based residency 7/16-7/20/2018)
  • X.SPED 441: Differentiated Instruction for Diverse Learners (2 cr) (limited residency: online with a 6-day campus-based residency 7/31-8/7/2018)
  • X.SPED 447: Assessment and Instruction for Exceptional Learners (3 cr)
  • X.SPED 463: Foundations of Reading: Development, Comprehension, Instruction, and Assessment (4 cr) (on-campus)
  • X.SPED 471: Legal Perspectives in Special Education (1 cr)
  • X.SPED 471: Legal Perspectives in Special Education (Online)
  • X.SPED 481: Special Education Law: Transitions, Collaboration, and Applications (2 cr) (online)