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In both formal and informal settings there is an increasing use of media to enhance learning, build public awareness, support learner guided exploration, create rich and interactive learning experiences, and engage people in new and creative ways. Our Digital Innovation and Media Institute was designed to support educators, whether they work in a classroom, community outreach organization, library, museum, health care or other organizational context. With a range of media production, communications, storytelling, pedagogy, and project management courses, participants can select the right set of courses to meet their unique needs.

Whether you are looking to take classes in order to start a new career or build skills for the path you are on, we can help you take the next steps.

Related Courses

  • X.CMPTC 443: Data Visualization: Presenting Data to Build Understanding and Insights (2 cr)
  • X.COMM 436: Persuasive Communications (2 cr)
  • X.MEDIA 411: Visual Literacy and Media (2 cr)
  • X.MEDIA 426: New Media and Activism (2 cr)
  • X.MEDIA 429AP: Media Production: Audio Production (2 cr)
  • X.MEDIA 429VP: Media Production Topics: Video Production (2 cr)
  • X.MEDIA 429WD: Media Production: Web Design (2 cr)
  • X.MEDIA 431: Storytelling: Crafting Effective Narratives Across Media (2 cr)
  • X.PROST 429PR: Legal Topics: Intellectual Property (1 cr)
  • X.WRTNG 406: Creative Inquiry and Writing a Research (2 cr)