Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions and Applications

How do I apply?

Apply for any of our programs through the online application. You will be asked to create an account profile and will be assigned a PIN that you will use to login to the application website. For more information, please contact our Admissions Coordinator at: 413-538-3478 or

Choose one of our programs:

Master of Arts in Teaching, Initial Licensure

Master of Arts in Teaching, Teacher Leadership

Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics

Professional Development Institutes

What are the admission requirements?

Requirements for each program can be found on the How to Apply page.


Is there an application fee?

Yes. There is a $50 non-refundable application fee due at the time of submission.

The fee can be waived if you have a waiver code. Codes are given out at open houses, online information sessions, conferences and other events.

Is an entrance exam required?

Entrance exams vary by program.

Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.)

M.A.T. applicants who are interesting in pursuing licensure must pass the Communications and Literacy Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) prior to entering the program. Additional MTELs and coursework may be required based on the applicant’s field of knowledge and undergraduate coursework.

Master of Arts in Teaching, Mathematics (M.A.T.M.)

No entrance exams are required when applying.

Master of Arts in Teaching, Teacher Leadership (M.A.T.L.)

No entrance exams are required when applying.

When are acceptance decisions made?

Completed applications are reviewed at the end of each month beginning in January and are accepted on a rolling basis until the program is full.

Acceptance letters are sent as applications are approved.

What is the application deadline?

Deadlines for each program are available on the How to Apply page.

What is the cost for a program or course?

How many credits do I need to take?

Is there a fee if I decline acceptance?

No. When you are accepted you are asked to either make a deposit or decline. If you decline, you are not asked to pay a fee. However, if you make a deposit to secure your spot in the program and decide later to withdraw, you will lose your deposit.

Are scholarships or other funding available?

Can I defer for another year?

You may certainly defer for one year, but we require a deposit to secure your acceptance into the program. When the application process for the next session opens, you do not need to reapply. However, if you do not submit a deposit, you will have to reapply during the next application cycle.

Who do I contact with additional questions?

For questions about the classes or curriculum, please contact the Program Director:

Master of Arts in Teaching, Initial Licensure: Catherine Swift, at 413-538-2464 or

Master of Arts in Teaching, Mathematics: Michael Flynn, at 413-538-2654 or

Master of Arts in Teaching, Teacher Leadership: Gwen Bass, at 413-538-3692 or

For questions about the admissions process or the status of your application, please contact our Admissions Coordinator at 413-538-3478 or

Programs and Curriculum

Are your programs co-ed?

Yes. All of the programs in the Professional and Graduate Education division are gender-inclusive.

What graduate programs do you offer?

We offer three degree programs, as well as a number of professional institues and pathways.  We also offer some courses for non-matriculated students.

What teacher licensure areas can I pursue?

We offer initial licensure as well as the opportunity to pursue additional licenses.  Learn more about our teaching licensure programs.

Where can I see a description of coures offerings?

View the list of our graduate courses.

Can I take a course before enrolling in a program?

Some of the graduate courses at Mount Holyoke are offered for non-matriculated students. To take a single course before starting a degree program, you must first complete a non-degree application.

Can outside courses be transferred into a program?

Courses taken outside of Mount Holyoke College can be transferred in for content, but you still must take the required number of credits for your degree.

What are the academic policies for your programs?

The academic policies for our Professional and Graduate Education programs can be found in the course catalog and the Graduate Student Policies Handbook.