In the Field

Logo of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Jay Bright MATM ‘19 and Amanda Thomson MATM ‘19 highlighted their MATM work during the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics conference.
Photo of Kaneka Turner giving a presentation
Now a nationally recognized leader in mathematics education, Kaneka began our program looking to expand work in mathematics education beyond her school.
Still photo from a video about Alison Beattie MAT ’17 and her 10th grade history class
Beattie and her 10th grade history class were featured on Edutopia using scaffolding discussion skills with a socratic circle. Watch the video.
Photo of Margo Batha being awarded the National Speech and Debate Association’s Educator of the Year award for 2019.
Batha won the National Speech & Debate Association's Educator of the Year award for 2019.
Photo of Nicole Lefevre Hernancez MAT’14
Nicole is applying the skills she learned in the M.A.T. program as both a teacher and board member in Puerto Rico.
Photo of Allison Slysz
Allison Slysz MAT’16 will continue to teaching biology in the science department, in addition to her new post as Smith Academy Athletic Director.
Lachanda Garrison, MATM '19
Named Department of Defense Education Activity Teacher of the Year and is now in the selection process for National Teacher of the Year.
Photo of Ann Neary with the Teach to Lead logo
Ann Neary, MATL’18 will be leading a team to develop a commitment and policy which would promote National Board Certification for educators in Connecticut.
Photo of Lauren Mattone in a classroom with students
Lauren Mattone was awarded the 2018 Roger L. Wallace Excellence in Teaching Award.
Danilo Ferro and Julio Fernandez work together on an M.A.T. project
Danilo and Julio are both working full time and taking evening M.A.T. classes. They share a commitment to providing students of color with role models.
Phoo of Eric Schildge MATL’19
Eric Schildge MATL’19 and Mount Holyoke Graduate Programs are partnering on a sexual health education program for young adults with disabilities.