Field of Knowledge Review (MAT Program)

Image of students outside the Field Gate.

Field of Knowledge Review

Students seeking initial licensure through our Master of Arts in Teaching program will need to submit a Field of Knowledge review that outlines the academic coursework, professional experience, and any volunteer experience in the area you would like to seek licensure in.  This helps us ensure that you will be well prepared with the appropriate subject matter knowledge to successfully pass the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) for your license area.

It is normal for students to have gaps, students work with their advisor to identify the best way to address any gaps you might have.

Questions?  Feel free to contact us at:  or 413-538-3478.

Arts Middle School (5-8) & High School (8-12)
     Dance (all Levels)    Biology
     Music (all levels)    Chemistry
     Theater (all Levels)    Earth Science
     Visual Arts (PreK-8, 5-12)    English
Early Childhood (PreK-2)    History
Elementary School (1-6)    Mathematics
Middle School (5-8)    Political Science and Philosophy
     Humanities    World Languages
     Math and Science Moderate Disabilities/Special Education (PreK-8) & (5-12)
     General Science  Special Education