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The Global and Intercultural Education Institute caters to people working in the context of educational institutions, non-profit and non-governmental organizations, cross-sector partnerships, and community outreach projects. Courses in the institute equip participants with the tools to: build their own cultural competency, adapt pedagogies and resources to be more accessible to people from diverse backgrounds, support intercultural education and advocacy, and enhance diversity and equity through their work.

Whether you are looking to take classes in order to start a new career or build skills for the path you are on, we can help you take the next steps.

Related Courses

  • X.MGMT 418: Project Management for Nonprofits and Social Entrepreneurs (2 cr)
  • X.MGMT 429CU: Building Effective Organizations: 'Inclusion and Cultural Competency' (2 cr)
  • X.COMM 413: Building Bridges: Facilitating Courageous Conversations (2 cr)
  • X.MGMT 429MM: Building Effective Organizations: Mentorship Models to Grow Leadership (2 cr)
  • X.MGMT 441: Diversity and Intercultural Management (2 cr)
  • X.COMM 436: Persuasive Communications (2 cr)
  • X.MGMT 416: Participatory Community Development (2 cr)
  • X.MGMT 436: Creating and Sustaining Public-Private Partnerships (2 cr)
  • X.MGMT 452: Fair Trade & Sustainable Tourism (2 cr)
  • X.MEDIA 426: New Media and Activism (2 cr)
  • X.MEDIA 431: Storytelling: Crafting Effective Narratives Across Media (2 cr)