Independent Schools Program Courses

X.EDUC-419: | Independent Schools: New Teachers Seminar

Offered: Summer 2

Credits: 2

Description: This course helps new independent school teachers answer questions that all teachers ask themselves on a daily basis: How do we best serve our students and their learning needs, across the multiple dimensions of learning styles, ethnicity, race, gender and class? As we design an experience to welcome and engage all of our students, how do we also nourish and sustain ourselves in this important work? The course includes cohort meetings as well as time for reflection, designing lesson plans, exploring how we organize our classrooms, and discussing how we support ourselves and each other. 

X.EDUC-452AC | Advising & Counseling Students Beyond the Classroom (Topics in Social-Emotional Learning and Development)

Description: Educators serve in multiple roles to support students in their academic, extracurricular, and, in some cases, dorm lives. This course will provide an overview of the following: school counseling principles, widely adopted models of comprehensive developmental counseling curricula, social-emotional learning, approaches in multicultural counseling, and mentoring students on academic and professional issues. We will also address identification, prevention, intervention, and crisis management strategies for topics including: relationships, mental health, trauma, and substance use/abuse. Students will explore how to analyze various types of student performance data to inform academic and non-academic programming.

X.EDUC-452AT | Coaching & Athletics (Topics in Social-Emotional Learning and Development)

Description: Educators in public and independent schools often serve in multiple roles, including as coaches for competitive and intramural sports. This class will provide an overview of issues related to supporting the student athlete, including the following: administering sport programs, principles of effective coaching, promoting and coaching the college-bound student athlete, compliance with governing bodies in sport, equity in athletics, team-building, event management, and sport safety.

X.EDUC-459 | Independent Schools: Experienced Practitioners Seminar

Offered: Summer 1

Credits: 2

Description: This course is designed for teachers with 2-5 years of classroom experience at independent schools. Building from participants’ experience, the course focuses on improving teachers’ use of evidence-based practices to support children’s progress. Topics include: focused observation, instructional support, emotional support, classroom organization, giving and receiving feedback and designing your ideal classroom. Participants will reflect on and share feedback about their teaching practices, and continue to develop their practice in this engaging learning community.

X.EDUC-476 | Independent School: Beyond the Classroom

Offered: Summer

Credits: 2

Description: The independent school faculty member wears many "hats" in addition to that of the teacher.  Students in this course study the non-teaching aspects of independent school work, improving their ability to serve as stewards of their schools' missions. Guest speakers from independent schools will address these roles and facilitate students' investigation of other topics including school governance and administration, admissions, advancement, athletics, counseling, student and residential life, and more. Coursework will include analyzing case studies, budgets, interviewing various departments and jobs within an independent school, and an in-depth case study of the student's context based on  current independent school standards and best practices. Student work will culminate in the creation of a personal inventory and growth plan for successful career development in independent schools.

Restrictions: This course is limited to Mount Holyoke MAT, MAMT, and MATL students only

Comments: This course will be held on campus at The Williston-Northampton School.

X.EDUC-477 | Seminar on Effective Teaching and Learning Strategies for Practitioners

Offered: Summer 2

Credits: 2

Description: In this hands-on course, participants working in classrooms explore issues and challenges of their professional and classroom practice, including: workshopping new curricular ideas, integrating evidence-based practices for effective classroom management and teaching, and ways to support other areas of the participants' administrative or co-curricular responsibilities. Participants attend group seminars and individual conferences intended to strengthen their confidence in the classroom and capacity to successfully engage diverse learners. Evaluation of performance is determined through course observations and by written assignments. This course is graded on a credit/no credit basis.