Professional Institutes and Pathways

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Mount Holyoke College offers internationally recognized programs and graduate-level courses that prepare people for professional careers.

These institutes and professional pathways are flexible in every way. As the student, you select the essential capabilities you want to pursue in order to grow, adapt and succeed as a professional — and apply them immediately.

These pathways are appropriate for you no matter what your professional level:

  • recent graduate
  • mid-career professional changing direction
  • have significant experience and are looking to broaden your skills

Coursework is offered in every environment:

  • a face-to-face classroom
  • online
  • a combination of classroom and online

Classes can be taken individually or in pursuit of certificates of competency (12 credits).  

Beginning with the initial class registration, you are supported by our staff, faculty and global network of practitioners to help you succeed in your professional, personal and academic goals. 

Institutes for Educators

Independent Schools Mentoring Institute

Our one-year, cohort-based certificate program supports educators in becoming effective and emotionally intelligent mentors for the next generation.

Nonprofits and Educational Entrepreneurship

Resources to support professional development, organizational development, advocacy, and outreach in educational nonprofit and entrepreneurial contexts.

Digital Innovation and Media for Educators

Build your ability to use media and technology to enhance learning, create rich interactive learning experiences, and engage learners

Global and Intercultural Education

Build your skills in cultural competency, supporting intercultural education and advocacy, and enhancing diversity and equity in your work.

Math Programs for Educators

Math coaches, administrators and teacher leaders engage with other practitioners dedicated to improving the learning and teaching of mathematics.

Differentiated Instruction for Educators

Educators develop skills to empower diverse learners through courses in classroom management, special education, the inclusive classroom, and more.

Research and Data Institute

Create research applicable to schools and classrooms and use data to improve student outcomes.

Instructional Coaching & Leadership Institute

Refine your coaching, understanding of adult learning, and professional development skills.

TESOL Certificate for Educators

Recognized internationally, this certification prepares teachers with the tools to teach English as a second or foreign language.

Independent Schools Institute

For full-time educators working in independent schools who want to enhance their teaching and prepare for leadership roles.

Equity, Advocacy and Partnerships Institute

Explore issues of equity & social justice, assess community needs & values, engage families & colleagues in partnerships and advocate for students.

Additional Teacher Licensure for Educators

Gain additional licenses in a new level/subject area, English as a second language/English-language learners (ESL/ELL), moderate disabilities, and more.