Research and Data Institute

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The Research and Data Institute engages educators in building skills and knowledge that will help them: create research that is applicable to their schools and classrooms, use data to improve student outcomes, and explore issues of equity and social justice in the educational context. Each class includes unique opportunity for participants to video-conference with teacher leaders and experts across the nation.

Each of these classes can be taken separately, and students can elect a credit or non-credit option.

Modules can be personalized for individuals, groups of teachers, districts, states, or associations. All classes are held in dynamic virtual learning environments and can be accessed from the participant's individual device or on our beautiful campus.

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Mount Holyoke College's Professional and Graduate Education division is an approved professional development provider through the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

X.CMPTC-443 | Data Visualization: Presenting Data to Build Understanding and Insights

Description: While many organizations have data, it is not always easy to translate that into a format that is easy for non-data people to quickly understand and interpret. In this course, participants will learn about different kinds of data and data structures, explore the theory and principles behind good design, and be able to articulate why certain visual designs are appropriate or inappropriate based on the data type. The final project in this class is to build data visualizations and a dashboard based either on data provided or data that is chosen by the participant. While this class is focused on technical skills, no prior experience with data, coding or computer science is necessary.

Credits: 2  

Format: limited residency  

Professional Development Option: Yes

X.EDUC-413 | Leading Colleagues Using Research: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice

Offered: Summer

Credits: 2

Description: Based on Domain 2 of the Teacher Leader Model Standards, this class helps build the skills, knowledge, and dispositions teacher leaders need to support colleagues in using the latest research and data to improve practice and student learning. Topics we will explore include types of research, examining the research process, the skills teacher leaders need to lead colleagues in using research to improve practice, research competencies, action research, data collection and analysis, how research makes instruction intentional and systematic, and how it allows us to make meaning out of numbers.

Restrictions: This course is limited to Mount Holyoke MAT, MAMT, and MATL students only

X.EDUC-458 | Owning Assessments and Data for Student Learning

Offered: Summer

Credits: 2

Description: Built around Domain 5 of the Teacher Leader Model Standards, this course helps teachers build the skills to do just that, as we explore organizational improvement through assessment design. Learn to facilitate and support colleagues in using assessment tools to inform decisions to improve practice and student learning. One module of this class includes an exploration of Improvement Science, a new methodology brought to education from the health field, where teachers will learn how small ideas can be tested and taken to scale, potentially impacted organizational change. Embedded in practice, focused on your personal and professional growth.

Restrictions: This course is limited to Mount Holyoke MAT, MAMT, and MATL students only

X.MTHED-465 | Action Research on Learning and Teaching

Description: This course will include action research on the mathematics learning of students and pedagogical moves of teachers. Participants will produce written cases of practice based on audio or videotaped classroom discussions and interviews with their own students.  Participants will analyze their own cases and those of their colleagues to examine the learning of students and the impact of teacher moves. Course instructors will also provide individual feedback based on the classroom cases.

Offered: Academic Year

Credits: 4

Format: Online, mostly asynchronous with four live sessions

X.MTHED-466 | Advocacy through Math Teacher Leadership

Description: The course involves exploring teacher leadership roles in mathematics education and how to advocate for change in the field. Students will create an action plan related to a change initiative in math education, develop a capstone project, and share findings and reflections so the group can provide critical feedback and support. The scalable nature of this work allows each student to define a leadership role and project to fit their interests and professional goals.

Credits: 2