Leading Without Leaving

What is Leading Without Leaving?

Watch the video to hear Lecturer Nancy Gardner discuss her new webseries for the Teacher Leadership Programs and how to lead without leaving the classroom.

History of Leading Without Leaving

So often, expert teachers are “promoted” out of their teaching roles and into positions that take them away from using their skills to serve students directly.  Educators in the Mount Holyoke College Teacher Leadership program take a sequence of courses that support them in developing skills that enhance their impact as innovators and advocates for students, teachers, and the field of education more broadly.  We believe that teacher leadership is not only about increasing the presence of teachers’ voices in education reform on the national and local level, but it also about finding ways to keep these expert teachers in classrooms, continuing to live their passion in the presence of the young people who initially inspired them into the profession.

Master of Arts in Teaching, Teacher Leadership, students spend their final semester fully engaged in a self-directed project on a topic of their own choosing.  During the capstone class, students are guided by expert coaches who help them think about how to leverage their skills and interests to reach their personal and professional goals.  Through these projects, our students demonstrate their teacher leadership growth, while also making significant contributions to their classrooms, schools, and to the field of teacher leadership overall. We hope to showcase opportunities for leadership that include TEACHING.

Three of our capstone class sessions have been devoted to the “Leading without Leaving” series in which we have expert educators from across the US come to class to share the many ways they have balanced their passion for teaching with their leadership aspirations.  These conversations are open to anyone who is interested in hearing these speakers, learning more about teacher leadership across contexts, and who want to get a feel for the Master of Arts in Teacher Leadership Program at Mount Holyoke.

Watch a clip

Michael Dunlea, MATL candidate

Dunlea talks about how he became a teacher leader and why he doesn’t want to leave the classroom.

Noah Zeichner, Teacher Leader

Zeichner tells us how he leads in the realm of Global Education while staying in the classroom.

Leticia Jackson, Teacher Leader

Jackson explains how she became the "anti-hero" at her school.

Precious Crabtree, Teacher Leader

Crabree talks about the importance of finding balance between leading, teaching, and life.

Ariel Sacks, Teacher Leader

Sacks discusses why she went back to the classroom after taking a year off to lead.

Karyn Dickerson

Teacher Leader Karyn Dickerson talks about balancing leading with teaching.

Tricia Ebner

Teacher Leader Tricia Ebner discusses why she wanted to become a mentor for new teachers and get involved with educational policies.

Wendi Pillars

Wendi Pillars talks about the amazing places being a teacher leader has taken her.