Brendan Leowolf

Photo of Brendan Leonard

Brendan is from Weymouth, MA just south of Boston, where he spent his childhood exploring the woods and wetlands around his home.  Growing up, he soon took a keen interest in music and photography and started playing the drums at age 13, joining a band shortly thereafter.   After studying photography in Boston for a couple years, Brendan moved to westward to Oakland, CA where he studied Media Arts at California College of the Arts and earned a BFA in 2008.  Since then, Brendan has managed one of the world’s largest record stores, performed up and down the west coast, studied permaculture and grew his own landscape design business, and started a wonderful little family.  His band has released 2 albums to critical acclaim and he continues to explore many creative practices. 

Wanting to slow things down and be closer to family, Brendan returned from the Bay Area to the town of Montague, MA where he now lives with his wife, two kids, dog, and two cats.  With the hope of growing a garden wherever he lands, Brendan completed the MAT program and a Moderate Disabilities additional license.  When he’s not busy reading, he loves to cook, garden, and go camping with his family.