Christopher Ronkowitz

Photo of Christopher Ronkowitz

Chris is a chef, registered nurse and an aspiring teacher.  He enjoys careers that bring him meaning and uplift people.  Chris was a chef for the first ten years of his adult life with a Bachelor’s degree in nutrition and food studies from New York University and a degree in culinary arts.  Chris decided to become a chef because of the ability to bring a lot of happiness into people’s lives through food.  After working as a chef for many years, Chris obtained another Bachelor’s degree in nursing from New York University and became a registered nurse. As a nurse at a magnet hospital in New York City, Chris was able to help people and offer them some comfort in their most vulnerable state. 

After several years working as a nurse, Chris had an opportunity to live, work and travel extensively in Asia for six years.  It was in Singapore where he discovered the joy of teaching while working at a British international school and at a language institute teaching ESL.  Chris realized that the academic setting was a very dynamic place to work and found working with children to be very rewarding.  Chris then moved to the Philippines after four years in Singapore and continued to teach as a substitute teacher at an international school in Manila and as a volunteer teacher at a school in Tondo District, which is one of the poorest areas in Manila. It was inspirational for Chris to work with the teachers of Tondo who had the vision to see that every effort can make a difference to the lives of children from very difficult circumstances. 

Chris returned to the United States to start Mount Holyoke College’s M.A.T. Program in July 2015.  He is confident that Mount Holyoke’s M.A.T. program was the best way to prepare him to be a fully qualified, competent and motivated teacher by providing a strong teaching curriculum, enriching classroom experience and supportive environment.

After becoming formally qualified as a teacher, Chris would like to work with children who may have less resources and guidance to help them attain a better chance at life whether the teaching position may be in an under-served community in the United States or a developing country. 

Chris is also a certified yoga teacher and hopes to bring kids yoga to the community schools.

Chris believes it’s never too late to take on new challenges and continue to strive for more in life.  “Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.