Initial Licensure

The M.A.T. with initial licensure is a 37-credit program (38-credit program for Moderate Disabilities/Special Education and 39-credit program for English Language Learners) that a full-time student can complete in one year. Part time students can complete requirements over two years; eventually completing the program's capstone: a full-time, semester-long teaching practicum during the spring semester. Coursework for the M.A.T. is delivered in 4 sessions: summer, fall, January and spring. Students are expected to maintain a B grade in all courses.

Required coursework and descriptions:

Flexible Options

Part Time Students

The M.A.T. can be taken as a continuous, one year program or part time students can complete requirements over two years. Students will work with an advisor to design a manageable plan to complete program requirements in a way that fits into a busy lifestyle.