Middle and Secondary School: Grades 5 – 12

Summer Session: 6 credits

Starting in summer, course work will feature an immersion into the EL Education "case study" teaching model. Students will go on group learning expeditions in the field to experience powerful project-based methodologies delivered by EL professionals. Students go on to complete introductory course work about adolescent development, a module on technology in education, and teaching in inclusive classrooms.

Fall Semester: 16 credits

In a traditional fall semester, September – December, students complete four courses taught by Mount Holyoke faculty and augmented by EL Education practitioners. These include general and content-specific methodology course work with associated school-based pre-practicum work, as well as advanced-level electives in their licensure subject areas. Within the general and content-specific methodology courses, students will learn about curriculum development and planning, working with diverse students, and effective approaches to classroom management and assessment. Students will also conduct site visits to EL Education schools. Note: Fall courses require that students spend four mornings each week in inclusive classrooms.

January: 1 credit

Spring Semester: 14 credits

Students complete a full-time, semester-long student teaching semester (the practicum) as well as a weekly seminar in which they reflect on their developing practice. Students also begin to explore the job market, participate in practice interviews, attend job market fairs, and meet with Career Development Center staff. Upon successful completion of the semester, students are institutionally recommended by the institution for licensure to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.