Emily Knowles

Photo of Emily Knowles

Emily Knowles graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 2008, with a major in English. While at Mount Holyoke, Emily began tutoring students in English and assisting adults studying for their G.E.D.s. Her love of reading and writing the English language led her to pursue an M.F.A. in creative writing, which she completed in 2011.

During her studies for her M.F.A., Emily began teaching homeschooled students who were taken out of school by their parents for various reasons. Some students were advanced and not being challenged. Others were struggling and being left behind. All of them thrived in the homeschooling environment, where all their needs—emotional, educational, psychological, and intellectual—were met.  

It was the joy and satisfaction of working with her students that made Emily realize that she was meant to be in a classroom. However, she was hesitant to apply to a M.A.T. program, because she wasn’t sure that there could be a program that focused on teaching in a holistic way. When she came across Mount Holyoke’s teaching program, she knew it was the only one she wanted to attend. EL Education is, in Emily’s opinion, one of the few teaching methods that address more than simply the information being taught.