Expeditionary Learning in the U.S. and Abroad

While not all M.A.T. program students will choose to train or work in EL schools, the core practices of EL Education are readily transferable to a wide range of educational settings. Centered on excellence in curriculum, instruction, culture and character, assessment, and leadership, these core practices are key to successful teaching in any classroom environment. They are also highly valued by all schools seeking teachers who can make a unique and positive contribution. Teachers who can apply EL research-based practices have a significant advantage in the education job market, and are better-prepared to meet the challenges of teaching in diverse communities.

EL Education in United States

Currently the EL School Network consists of 165 schools in 29 states and the District of Columbia, including 14 in Massachusetts. Two are near Mount Holyoke: The Springfield Renaissance School in Springfield and Four Rivers Charter Public School in Greenfield.

EL schools are a mix of public and charter; both the Renaissance School (public district) and Four Rivers Charter Public School offer placement for Mount Holyoke student teachers. In addition, many local schools that are not EL schools welcome the kinds of innovative practices that make the EL model so successful. Students in any school can benefit from EL's approach.

EL Education Abroad

Students planning to work abroad will find that EL Education’s emphasis on student engagement, close analysis of student work, alignment with disciplinary standards, application of learning to address community issues, and opportunities to develop collaborative relationships with other professionals will translate well to any school dedicated to excellence and positive student learning outcomes.