What Teachers Say About EL Education

Keith Wright
Middle school/high school science teacher

Founding teacher at Renaissance School

"The EL approach has helped me to be a more effective educator by making me aware of and able to do the following:

  • Embed basic skills in my content
  • Incorporate student voice in my classroom
  • Aim for authentic audiences
  • Make inquiry a key component of the classroom
  • Design compelling lessons
  • Embed character development into the educational process
  • Make learning linked to students' community"

Marisa Mendonsa
Middle school assistant principal
Former founding social studies teacher at Renaissance School

"I learned that when you can connect your curriculum to your students' lives and their community they are more willing to learn - in fact they are excited and will ultimately do more than you ever could have asked from them."

Jessica Wood
Grade 6 ELA Teacher
Renaissance School

"I am currently working to go back to school and get my first master’s as a reading specialist. I think if I weren't trained in EL I would have opted to go back for a less involved choice, just to get my master’s done, basically. The difference EL has made in my choice is simple: inspiration. I feel so connected to my colleagues and their classrooms, to my students and their learning, that I truly want to grow by specializing in the integral area of reading."