Jennifer Viets

Photo of Jennifer Viets

Jenny Viets grew up in the Appalachian mountains in Maryland with her family, many pets, and thousands of trees.  She moved to Western Massachusetts in 2009 for her undergraduate studies at Hampshire College, where she focused on modern anthropology and bioethics, as well as the ways poetry and evocative language can be utilized in traditionally analytical social science writing.

Jenny has worked as a classroom assistant in early childhood classes and ESY programs at Maryland School for the Deaf.  More recently, she taught literature and creative writing at LightHouse Teens in Holyoke, MA; she enjoyed the independently-driven learning community and seeing students enjoy learning, many of them in a school environment where they viewed themselves positively as students for the first time.

Jenny's deepest passion is for writing, particularly poetry.  As a teacher, she aims to encourage the love of manipulating language and developing one's own voice in her students.  She hopes to one day lead community-based workshops for young women about utilizing poetry for self-empowerment and social change.

Jenny completed Mount Holyoke's Masters of Arts in Teaching program for Secondary English.  

In addition to teaching and writing, Jenny enjoys swimming outdoors, cooking meals with friends, and critters of all shapes, sizes, and expressions.