Kelsie Taylor

Photo of Kelsie Taylor

Kelsie Taylor, from Richmond, Virginia, recently graduated from Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration. Originally, her focus was on hotel operations, and she completed multiple internships in the field. She worked for a luxury resort in Michigan, a four-star casino in Arizona, and both a convention center and a bed and breakfast in Virginia. However, prospects of education and helping out students always crept into her life, and she soon realized that the skills needed to run a hotel or succeed in hospitality were not so different from those needed to be a teacher. In fact, many of her extracurricular activities and interests revolved around instructing and motivating others. As she looked at the bigger picture, she realized that she would find the most joy working in a classroom and inspiring students to learn.

Kelsie, a 2015 MAT alum, completed her licensure in elementary education. She recently moved back to Virginia and is excited to teach 5th grade in the Washington, DC area.