Leigha Jones

Photo of Leigha Jones

Leigha is from Georgia.  She has undergraduate degrees in Cultures of the Developing World and History, a certificate in African studies, and a minor in theatre studies. She considers education a powerful resource towards personal and global development that should be accessible to all.  She served as a Peace Corps education sector volunteer in Indonesia.  Leigha believes that, for everyone, there is a life that can be sustainable and enjoyable.  Education serves its most beneficial purpose if it helps a student find this useful and fulfilling life.  Her fulfillment is found in learning through doing so as to be capable of teaching the aspect in the future.  This has led to professional development in hospitality and agricultural sectors as well as hobbies such as adult beginner ballet, graphic design, and travel; visiting 32 states and 19 countries so far but who knows where tomorrow’s lesson will best be learnt.