Marilyn Squier

Photo of Marilyn Squier

Marilyn graduated as valedictorian of Worcester State College in 2007 with a bachelor's degree in literature.  In 2010, she received her master's degree in literature from Clark University, with a concentration in American studies.  She wrote her thesis on representations of white and black motherhood in Uncle Tom's Cabin and anti-Tom literature from 1852-1861.  After graduating, Marilyn moved to Twin Oaks Community, an intentional community in Virginia committed to egalitarianism, income-sharing, and non-violence.  She spent five years there working on their organic farm and in a factory that produces tofu.  Marilyn's hobbies are power lifting, yoga, and reading.  She loves to read about cultural studies, social justice, and public history.  Marilyn completed her MAT in English (8-12) with an additional license in Moderate Disabilities  (5-12).