M.A.T. Testimonials

Hear what our students are saying about the M.A.T. program:

Photo of Lincoln Smith
“My coursework, practicum, professors, peers and advisors supported my development as a teacher.”
Photo of Alex Tancrell and Jacob Rivers
“I feel I have grown as both an educator and as a student from being a part of the EL program.”
Photo of Kelsie Taylor
“I feel fortunate to be able to build on the EL work we did at Mount Holyoke, but using a slightly different curriculum.”
Photo of Abbey McAndrew presenting during her MAT Orientation
“The most inspirational aspect of our EL Slice (Orientation) was how much of a safe learning environment was created.”
Photo of MAT alumnae Jessica Terry
“Nearly everything in my classroom was inspired by my graduate school experience at Mount Holyoke College.”