M.A.T. Testimonials

Hear what our students are saying about the M.A.T. program:

Photo of Lincoln Smith
“My coursework, practicum, professors, peers and advisors supported my development as a teacher.”
Photo of Alex Tancrell and Jacob Rivers
“I feel I have grown as both an educator and as a student from being a part of the EL program.”
Photo of MAT alumnae Jessica Terry
“Nearly everything in my classroom was inspired by my graduate school experience at Mount Holyoke College.”
Photo of Kelsie Taylor
“I feel fortunate to be able to build on the EL work we did at Mount Holyoke, but using a slightly different curriculum.”
Photo of Abbey McAndrew presenting during her MAT Orientation
“The most inspirational aspect of our EL Slice (Orientation) was how much of a safe learning environment was created.”