Meagan Nelson

Photo of Meagan Nelson

I am originally from Georgia and moved to Colorado for college where I got my bachelors degree in Geology and minor in Geology at the University of Colorado Denver. During college, I became interested in urban development and thought I would use my Geography degree towards a career in that field. After graduating, I sought a position at an affordable housing non-profit in Denver. I was offered an unexpected position within their education department and had the opportunity to run an after school program from refugee students from Burma and Thailand. This position completely altered my plans for the future. I fell in love with education and simultaneously frustrated by all the changes I wanted to make but didn't know how. That was when I knew I found my passion and a goal I needed to pursue. 


I eventually moved to San Diego, CA and took a Site Supervisor position at a before and after school program at a local elementary school with over 100 enrolled students. This position opened my eyes to some of the harsh realities of overcrowded and unpersonalized education programs. Again I found myself completely in love with the mission to help these students but consumed by how to solve the problems I saw these children facing daily. I knew I needed to continue my own education and finally pursue my graduate degree in teaching. 


Now, more than ever, I see the need for open-mindedness in education. I believe the MAT program at Mount Holyoke was the perfect place for me to explore new ideas in education while also build a strong foundation for daily life as a teacher. I am looking forward to tackling challenging and rewarding opportunities as a Middle School Earth Science teacher.