Morgan Pool

Photo of Morgan Pool

Eagleside Elementary School, Fountain, Colorado.  Second Grade Teacher.

Prior to beginning the M.A.T. program, I received my bachelor of arts in international relations and French in 2012 from Mount Holyoke. I first discovered my passion for teaching while studying in Montpellier, France, during my junior year abroad. I found work in a private English institute giving lessons to students of all ages in the mechanics of our language and the culture of the many people who speak it. I realized that teaching was a way to facilitate cultural understanding and mutual admiration for one another’s differences. After walking the amphitheater's steps at commencement, I was like most alumnae. I knew secretly I just wanted to stay on campus to soak up more of the incredible learning tools and classroom experiences. When I finally realized, some months later, that teaching was the perfect next step for me, I was ecstatic to learn about the M.A.T. program.

The M.A.T. program has fulfilled every hope and dream I had about my master's experience. It has challenged my core beliefs about education and children in the best possible way, giving me outlets to test my existing skills and knowledge to extend my ability to differentiate, identify learning needs, and modernize my teaching for the twenty-first century. I believe that the most important part of teaching is reaching every single child in your classroom and providing an accessible environment for them to learn and interact with the curriculum. Every child learns differently, and I love the large role creativity plays in finding what works for them as they journey through a year in my classroom. I am currently student teaching at Scholars to Leaders Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.