Doreen Bashista

Photo of Doreen Bashista

Springfield, Massachusetts, Kindergarten Teacher

I was a paraprofessional for 11 years and I received my Preliminary Teaching License in August 2013. I am currently a kindergarten/first grade teacher in Springfield, Massachusetts.

I chose Mount Holyoke College because they were willing to work with me. It was obvious to me during my first phone conversation with the director, Beverley Bell, that she was willing to help me through my education and that I was not just a number to her. She is interested in me as a person and has gone above and beyond to help me succeed in this program. I also have a crazy medical history and I knew I needed a college that would have my back if I were to get sick again.

My experience at Mount Holyoke College has been more than I could have ever expect. I believe that all children have the ability to learn and that it is up to the teacher to create a curriculum that teaches to each child’s unique learning style. I also believe that the teacher needs to create a classroom that fosters community where each child feels special and safe, and able to learn to the best of her ability.