Feyla Odesa McNamara

Photo of Feyla Odesa McNamara

Duggan Expeditionary Learning School of Social Justice.  Springfield, MA.  6th and 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher.

Feyla Odesa McNamara came to the M.A.T. program with an eclectic vocational background—including mental health counseling for young people, working for media reform, monitoring storm cleanup for F.E.M.A., professional dog walking, and stage construction. She has an extensive background in social justice and is excited to bring her love for that work into her love for teaching.

"MHC has taken a powerful stand in the M.A.T. community as a school that values social justice, seeing it as integral in the education of future teachers," she says. "I attended the University of Massachusetts for my undergraduate degree. During that time I met so many incredible women from Mount Holyoke that, when it came time for me to locate a master's program, Mount Holyoke was actually the first place I looked. I was so impressed with the emphasis on social justice and 'whole child' teaching methodologies that I could not imagine enrolling into any other program.

"I believe that you have to know your students in order to teach them. Not everyone is going to learn the same way or even show their learning process in the same way. It is my responsibility as a teacher to understand these nuances so that I can be the best educator possible. I need to always be educating myself so that my teaching does not become stagnant."