Tuition, Financial Aid and Scholarships


Tuition for the 11-month M.A.T. program is $24,500. Mount Holyoke's Office of Student Financial Services works closely with students to ensure that they are aware of the different financing options available to best suit their individual needs.


Mount Holyoke is committed to making the M.A.T. accessible and offers a number of scholarships, as well as tuition-reduction opportunities through partnerships with City Year and the Peace Corps. 

Mount Holyoke College is a proud member of City Year’s University Partnerships program.  Our partnership can also be referred to as a City Year National Service Scholars program. We are proud of our two 2015 City Year Awardees.

Financial Aid

In addition to scholarships, students may apply for a variety of loan options, including federal student loans. Student Financial Services strongly suggests that all federal financing options be maximized prior to turning to non-federal financing alternatives. Federal loans offer repayment options based on income and have forbearance and deferral options during times of extreme economic hardship that other loan programs do not offer. Also, some federal loan programs offer loan reductions or forgiveness for public service and teaching in high need areas.

Student Health Insurance

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires that all part-time and full-time students are covered by health insurance.