Violeta Alvarado

Photo of Violet Alvarado

The daughter of Puerto Rican immigrants, Violet Alvarado Slatis was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. From the mid 90s, she travelled through Mexico, parts of Europe, Indonesia and then settled in the budding German metropolis, Berlin. For thirteen years, Violet worked as a performance artist, dancer and bartender in Germany. Learning German, and organizing various multimedia events while watching the city in shadows become a gleaming example of urban planning and Germany’s much applauded hauptstadt. Her performances were original productions co-written, choreographed and produced by Alvarado and artists from all over the world. Often language difficulties became the focus of these collaborations and a re-occurring theme in her work. Performances included: “Public Tantrum” “Grenze/Borders/Fronteras” and “Brainwash”. Published in a collection of prose and poetry from the Afro Caribbean diaspora in London, England, Alvarado’s artwork became more significantly about building community and identity. In 2000 Ms Alvarado received a grant to perform a three day marathon performance about immigration, language, and identity.

In 2000, Ms. Alvarado began to study alternative medicine with a focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yoga and Process Oriented Psychology in Berlin, Kreuzberg at a autonomous, self- managed school. She completed the necessary hours for graduation in 2005. After two years, as a apprentice healer, Alvardo applied to Hampshire College, received a scholarship and began to pursue her long-desired goal of formal education. Focusing on English and critical pedagogy, Alvarado quickly combined her skills as artist, organizer, hostess and healer to develop strategies to teach at risk students in urban poor, or rural settings. A graduate in 2012, Alvarado began to work as an adult basic education instructor in Springfield. Since 2013, Alvarado achieved her most recent dream to teach English Language Arts in an urban poor district. Alvarado loves to use her talents, experiences and education to empower people from working poor, immigrant and minority backgrounds.

Alvarado is proud to have completed her Masters in Teaching at Mount Holyoke College. The program carefully brings a cohort of eager, talented, concerned and humorous persons together who want to be great teachers. The guidance and rigor of the MAT program prepares one to be a teacher and an ally. A tremendous academic resource and the caring atmosphere creates a meaningful learning environment.