What Can You Do With an M.A.T.?

90% of M.A.T. graduates are employed in an educational setting within one year of completing our program. Many work as teachers in public school settings, while others work in independent schools, higher education and education administration. Some of our graduates have gone on to further study for tertiary degrees. Our students work in settings across the United States. Massachusetts license has reciprocity with 49 states and abroad. The teaching licenses obtained through this program are recognized in a number of other states, U.S. territories and Canadian provinces through the NASDTEC Interstate Agreement.

Photo of students working in a group
Leslie LaRocca MAT’17 created a tool to help students self-identify which roles they best played in a group, maximizing their strengths to work together.
Photo of Andrew Dranginis
Andrew is exploring the links, boundaries and social structures that bind us by teaching secondary English.
Photo of Kaneka Turner giving a presentation
Now a nationally recognized leader in mathematics education, Kaneka began our program looking to expand work in mathematics education beyond her school.
Xian Chen
“I wish to learn more about special education through the M.A.T. program at Mount Holyoke.”
Photo of a happy toddler
Laura Dailey MAT’17 has been working hard to ensure funding for early childhood education and formed an advocacy committee at Let's Grow Kids.
Photo of Gabi Lapointe
After teaching second grade for two years, Gabi is specializing in working with English learners in her school as an ESL.
Photo of Kelsie Taylor
“I feel fortunate to be able to build on the EL work we did at Mount Holyoke, but using a slightly different curriculum.”