Math Programs for Educators: Summer Institutes

"Hands down the best mathematics professional development experience I ever had." - Elizabeth Van Cleef

Mathematics Leadership Programs at Mount Holyoke College offers a variety of summer math institutes for teachers, coaches, and others interested in the learning and teaching of mathematics. These include Developing Mathematical Ideas, Mathematics Coaching, and DMI Facilitation institutes. Our registration goes live on January 1. Check out our offerings below:

Developing Mathematical Ideas Institutes

DMI, a professional development curriculum for teachers, provides one-week content institutes with opportunities for participants to engage with the ideas and activities of each module in sessions led by the authors of the materials, in collaboration with educational leaders who have experience with these materials in their own practice. Participants choose among the following DMI modules:

July 9 - 13: Building a System of Tens: Calculating with Whole Numbers and Decimals K-8

Participants explore the base-ten structure of the number system, consider how that structure is exploited in multi-digit computational procedures, and examine how basic concepts of whole numbers reappear when working with decimals. (New 2016 edition) 

July 16 - 20: Making Meaning for Operations in the Domains of Whole Numbers and Fractions K-8

 Participants examine the actions and situations modeled by the four basic operations. The seminar begins with a view of young children's counting strategies as they encounter word problems, moves to an examination of the four basic operations on whole numbers, and revisits the operations in the context of rational numbers. (New 2016 edition)

July 16 - 20: Professional Development for Coaching Mathematics

This institute is a must for any math coach, math specialist, or teacher leader looking to develop the craft in supporting adult learners through a math coaching model. This is an intensive professional learning opportunity that is scalable depending on the needs and experience of the participants. Our experienced facilitators customize the experience to target the specific needs and interests of leaders who want to support the improvement of math instruction in their schools and/or districts.

July 16 - 20: DMI Facilitation Institute

MLP offers a one-week facilitation institute designed to assist teacher leaders in developing skills and knowledge for leading DMI seminars at their own sites. Prior experience with one of our DMI seminars is preferred. Please contact MLP Director Mike Flynn if you are interested in our Facilitation Institute.