Independent Schools Program (MAT & MAT, Teacher Leadership)

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This program is specially designed for full-time educators working in Independent Schools who want to enhance their teaching and prepare for leadership roles. The program has two tracks: one for early career teachers and the other for teacher leaders ready for new professional growth.

Courses can be taken in online, hybrid, on-campus and accelerated formats to provide flexible options for busy professionals. The program can be done part-time over the course of two years. 

With electives and a final capstone project based on the educator’s personal and professional interests, students have multiple opportunities to develop an individualized course of study and to collaborate with other teacher leaders in the field.

Programs of Study

There are two different tracks to choose from:


Early Career Teachers
(36 credits)


Experienced Teachers
(at least 32 credits)

Teaching, learning, differentiated instruction, and subject specific teaching methods.  Offered in collaboration with EL Education which empowers students through project-based, engaging and purposeful learning.  
Coaching and mentoring in the classroom, fostering partnerships, culturally responsive pedagogy, and leadership.  Offered in collaboration with the National Network of State Teachers of the Year

Core Curriculum  

Human Development
Teaching with Technology
Methods coursework
Differentiated Instruction
Culturally Responsive Teaching
Student Counselling
Culturally Responsive Teaching
Foundations for Teacher Leadership
Coaching, Mentoring, and Facilitating Instructional Improvements
Leading Colleagues through Research
Promoting Professional Learning


16 credits
12+ credits

Electives and Focus Areas

Students in the Independent Schools Program can develop their own individualized course of study, or select from one of the following focus areas:

   Focus Area 1: Educating the Whole Child  

Social Emotional Learning
Inclusive Classroom 
Culturally Responsive Teaching 
Coaching and the Student Athlete
Student Counselling (counselling for non-counsellors)

   Focus Area 2: Special Education  

Inclusive Classroom 
Differentiated Instruction for Diverse Learners
Assessment and Instruction for learners with special needs
Assistive Technology 

   Focus Area 3: Language Instruction  

Sheltered English Immersion 
Second Language Acquisition and Classroom Practice 
Language Assessment and Classroom Practice
Foundations of Reading 

   Focus Area 4:  Global Teaching  

Culturally Responsive Teaching 
Local/Global Educational Themes and Policies 
Subject/Level Specific Methods Course(s) 

   Other Sample Electives  

Fostering a Collaborative Culture for Learning
Fostering Partnerships, Collaboration, and Communication 
Foundations of Teacher Leadership and Global Education Reform 
Owning Assessments and Data for Student Learning
Children's Literature for Educators
Developing Mathematical Reasoning
Independent School: Beyond the Classroom
Effective Practices for Advancing the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
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Mount Holyoke College has consistently prepared outstanding educators who have transformed communities around the world.  Our teacher candidates are placed in a variety of public, charter, and independent schools and are consistently rated as “excellent” and “outstanding” by their supervising practitioners. Mount Holyoke College is a member of the Consortium for Excellence in Teacher Education (CETE).