How We Are Different

Participate in real-time online learning. Develop a network of colleagues around the globe who share your enthusiasm for education.

Effective educational leaders invest in relationships, continuously engage in personal and professional improvement, and are deeply committed to equity.  Our classes are built around these notions, our faculty model them, and our students pursue projects and leadership positions that further this mission. Here’s why we are unique:

  • We embed expert practitioners.
  • Our curriculum incorporates the Teacher Leader Model Standards and the National Board Five Core Propositions.
  • Students receive individualized coaching from experienced practitioners.
  • Our cohort model facilitates worldwide peer support and collaboration.
  • Our classes are taught using state-of-the-art videoconferencing for face-to-face learning and are scheduled to accommodate working professionals.
  • We ensure that our course content is practical and can be personalized so you can use it immediately in practice.

What our students are saying about the M.A.T.L. program

Photo of Susan Michalski MATL’18
“I am more aware of the demands of being a student. I more careful than ever to design work and give feedback that is timely, thoughtful and meaningful.”
Photo of Denise Davidson MAT’19
“As a result of the M.A.T.L. program, I am more reflective on my teaching practices and I am more confident in my abilities to teach and lead.”
Photo of Emily McDowell MAT’18
“Mount Holyoke's Teacher Leadership Program has broadened my perspective on the difference that I can make as an educator in the field.”
Photo of Megan Paul MAT’18
“The M.A.T.L. program makes it easier for teachers to attend school because every class allows you to apply what you are learning to practice.”