Excellence in Teaching Awards
Excellence in Teaching award winners have the chance to win a $10,000 scholarship toward a Master of Arts in Education at Mount Holyoke College.
Cover of the book: Measuring Innovation in Education: A New Perspective
“Measuring Innovation in Education: A New Perspective” by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
Banner with the text overlay "Leading Without Leaving"
A video series from host Nancy Gardner for the Teacher Leadership Programs.
Margo Batha MATL’19 featured on the cover of Rostrum Magazine
Margo Batha MATL’19 is featured for winning the National Speech and Debate Association’s Educator of the Year award.
Phoo of Eric Schildge MATL’19
Eric Schildge MATL’19 and Mount Holyoke Graduate Programs are partnering on a sexual health education program for young adults with disabilities.
Michael Lawrence Riddell, MATL'21
Michael Lawrence-Riddell, MATL’21 talks to the Gazette about putting together narrative-based multimedia resources about race in American history.
Michael Dunlea, MAT'20
Michael Dunlea, MATL'20 talks about how to become a global citizen.
Photo of Chelsea Berry MAT’18
Berry, an elementary math specialist and curriculum coordinator won a three-year term on the Southwick-Tolland-Granville, MA School Committee.
Michael Dunlea, MAT'20
Two Schools Work Together to Build Racial Understanding on MLK day featuring Michael Dunlea MAT'20 and his NJ classroom.
Graphic logo for the National Association of Independent Schools
“Finding Professional Development Opportunities at the Graduate Level” was written by program faculty Kim Evelti, Gwen Bass and Tiffany Espinosa.
Models of Entrepreneurship in Education, a course that will explore different models of entrepreneurship in education.
Logo for  International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect
Owen Dempsey MAT ‘19 and Gwen Bass, director of the Teacher Leadership programs, co-presented on special education advocacy for youth.
Photo of Ann Neary with the Teach to Lead logo
Ann Neary, MATL’18 will be leading a team to develop a commitment and policy which would promote National Board Certification for educators in Connecticut.
Michael Lawrence-Riddell, MAT’21 receives grant
Michael Lawrence-Riddell, MAT Teacher Leadership ’21 was awarded a large grant for his work on Self-Evident Media. Congratulations, Michael!
Photo of Margo Batha being awarded the National Speech and Debate Association’s Educator of the Year award for 2019.
Batha won the National Speech & Debate Association's Educator of the Year award for 2019.
Photo of Ryan Wallace standing in front of a wall of framed National Geographic Magazine covers
Wallace is returning to campus co-teaching the course X.EDUC 458: Owning Assessments and Data for Student Learning
Michael Flynn, Visiting Instructor in Psychology & Education; Director, Mathematics Leadership Program
Michael Flynn, director of Mount Holyoke’s math leadership program, tells parents not to sweat the small stuff like laptop features — internet is key.
A poster with a photo of Katie Biggs and some of her students and the statement "Congratulations Katie Biggs, 2018 European PTA Educator of the Year"
Biggs was named the 2018 European PTA Educator of the Year.
"Uncertified Struggle by Haley Kennedy"
Kennedy's post for CTQ explores what is keeping well-meaning people from becoming teachers, and what’s keeping great teachers from staying in the field.
Book Cover: “From Discipline to Culturally Responsive Engagement: 45 Classroom Management Strategies” By Laura E. Pinto
“From Discipline to Culturally Responsive Engagement: 45 Classroom Management Strategies” By Laura E. Pinto recommended by Gwen Bass.