Goals and Standards

The Master of Arts in Mathematics Teaching program is designed for teachers, math coaches, math specialists, and math interventionists in grades K – 8 who are ready to strengthen their skills and expertise as math teachers, enhance their professional credentials, and be teacher leaders in mathematics education.

Learning Goals

Graduates from the Master of Arts in Mathematics Teaching program will:

  1. Have a deep conceptual understanding of kindergarten through eighth grade mathematical content and understand how students make sense of these ideas and how the concepts and skills build as students progress through the grades. 
  2. Understand that all students have mathematical ideas and know what questions to ask to deepen students’ understanding.
  3. Use, create, and/or adapt curriculum to meet the needs of their students.
  4. Develop rich images of teacher leadership and participate fully in the mathematics education community at the local, state, and/or national levels

Professional Standards for Teachers

Graduates of the Master of Arts in Mathematics Teaching program will show they have achieved these outcomes by demonstrating:

  • Through pre- and post- assessment reflection related to course content, pedagogy and leadership.
  • Curriculum planning, reflection and assessment which includes: developing a curriculum plan; recording themselves delivering the curriculum; reflecting on evidence of students' understanding and how they supported their students in deepening their understanding of mathematics; and adapting their teaching practice in an iterative fashion throughout the program.
  • Providing and receiving peer feedback on curricular development and leadership issues.
  • Through their capstone projects which focus on topics related to leadership, teaching, and learning based on individualized domain(s) of focus.