What You Can Do with this Degree

The knowledge and skills participants gain from the Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics program open many doors and professional opportunities in the math education field. Graduates pursue a wide range of options available to math teacher leaders looking to impact the profession. 

Graduates of our program have:

  • transformed their classroom practice and improved student learning
  • won teaching awards at the local, state, and national levels
  • published articles in professional journals and magazines
  • given keynote addresses at regional and national math conferences
  • started their own businesses to support the professional learning of teachers
  • become thought leaders and are shaping the future of mathematics education.
Photo of Karen Schweltzer MAT’15 receiving the Presidential Award for Matheematics Teaching

Karen Schweitzer MAT’15 received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching in Washington D.C.

Karen was recognized for being an accomplished math teacher as well as for her teacher leadership efforts in professional learning throughout the country.

Photo of Kaneka Turner giving a presentation

Kaneka Turner MAT’15 was one of the opening keynote speakers at National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Regional Conference in Orlando, FL in October 2017. Her talk centered on her work advocating for more inclusive mathematical communities.

Photo of Sarah McGee ’15

Sara McGee MAT’17 was named the Buncombe County Math Teacher of the Year. McGee was recognized for her outstanding teaching and her teacher leadership in the district. According to Stefanie Buckner, mathematics curriculum specialist for the district, “Her classroom is a place where mistakes are valued, learning is intentional, and students are engaged.”

Sara sings the praises of the MATM program, saying “Your program has so deeply transformed my teaching and craft. It has inspired me to stretch myself into new realms of teacher leadership! I am so proud to have earned my Master's degree from your amazing program!”.

Photo of Paige Sullivan MAT’18

Paige Sullivan MAT’18 received the Pioneer Valley Excellence in Teaching Award. Recipients are recognized for their professionalism, dedication to the profession, and participation in the community. Paige demonstrated outstanding teaching, particularly in the area of mathematics.